Cake Wines presents - We out here, A LDN story April 23 2018

A newly released Art-House documentary film by Fabrice Bourgelle and Giles Petersons globally recognized record label, Brownswood, spotlighting the music and players of the current London Jazz scene. The screening will be hosted by Tom Studdy of Midnight Swim and monthly Jazz night Jazz! Attack! created in collaboration with Glen Cassidy (Cake Wines). We Out Here isn’t just a film about the renaissance of Jazz in London over the past few years, in as much as it is also about Friendship and Community and the influences of city that these young musicians call home. It is the journey of a certain group of young gifted players among many, who have trained and come up together, and whose sounds are now becoming an integral part of our musical landscape, as well as representing the sound of London beyond the confines of the city.