Ear to Ear April 24 2017

ear to ear is a website and collective that takes interest in the kinds of music people associate with different environments. Join them this Friday as they serve up some tasty wavelengths to sooth your tired yet eager mind. In anticipation for the night they have created a full bodied tasting menu: STARTER - Benjamas This natural blend eases you into the evening with some luscious flavours. Expect a broad palate of jazz and balearic with a streak of fragrant Nigerian boogie on the finish. MAIN - olivertoby Not too sweet, not too dry. Hints of funk and Italo provide body and structure while the introduction of subtle Chicago house notes add an off-kilter a complexity to the initial warm and inviting palate. DESSERT - Rob Starter and and Main got you feeling like moving your feet? This rare French varietal brings some full bodied tannins into the mix.