End Notes: Motown Sounds July 28 2017

End Notes returns to the Cellar Door on Thursday August 3rd for an 11th edition, this time to present the sound of Motown. End Notes is a series of monthly performances at the Cake Wines Cellar Door, each a different musical chapter from the life of jazz critic Princeton 'the Duke' Parker. A collection of the stories and tunes that he loved most, played to you by some of Sydney’s finest young musicians led by Edward Lyons. 'Rarely has a genre ever had such an affinity with place as Motown and the Hitsville U.S.A Studio at 2648 West Grand Boulevard, Detroit, Michigan. Purchased by label owner Berry Gordy Jr in 1959, over the next 10 years the music recorded in that studio would ultimately become a style unto itself. Blending smooth soul with sophisticated rhythm and blues and the call and response of Gospel with an aim to craft memorable yet elegant pop melodies, the result led to the Motown label becoming the biggest independent in the American music industry. The sound was characterised by lush and elaborate arrangements featuring live strings, horn sections and vocal harmonies, and featured artists such as Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, the Temptations, Marvin Gaye, the Four Tops and Martha and the Vandellas. The label used the same core session musicians known as ‘the Funk Brothers’ across all of their signed acts, collectively playing on more top ten US Billboard tracks than the Beatles, Elvis, the Beach Boys and the Rolling Stones combined.' The Motown Sound, Princeton 'the Duke' Parker, Detroit 1969.