End Notes West Coast Cool June 19 2017

End Notes returns to the Cellar Door on Thursday July 6 for a 10th edition, this time to present the sound of West Coast Jazz of the 1950s and 60s. As a direct reaction to the chaos and frenetic pace of the bebop movement which set the East Coast alight throughout the 1940s, a new distinctive style emerged in the cities of Sa Francisco and Los Angeles which was calm, mellow and had an emphasis on minimalist lyrical expression. A self-assured confidence dripped from the smooth phrases and melodies. The West Coast sound heavily featured blended harmonies and broadly speaking, a greater focus on composition over improvisation. Major pioneers included Stan Getz, Dave Brubeck, Chet Baker and Paul Desmond who all mastered the art of saying more with less. Shout outs to 42Below for the drinks.