End Notes XIX: South London June 20 2018

For a 19th edition and featuring over 60 local jazz musicians in the last 2 years, End Notes returns to the Cellar Door stage for a journey into the sounds of contemporary South London, arguably the epicentre of the global jazz renaissance. Characterised by the integration of a melting pot of influences ranging from Afro-Caribbean, hip-hop and grime to jungle and house, the success of the South London is rooted in the tradition of Jazz - the cross-pollination of different styles and the willingness of the exponents to push the boundaries of experimentation. South London sound is formed of key compositions and performances by instrumentalists Moses Boyd, Shabaka Hutchings, Ezra Collective and Yazz Ahmed, shared to broader audiences by DJs Gilles Peterson, Fourtet and Floating Points as well as UK institutions NTS radio, Boiler Room and live night Jazz refreshed. On the back of Nubiya Garcia's recent Vivid show and ahead of Kamaal Williams' anticipated November date, End Notes brings a fiery 5 piece ensemble to share the sound of South London over the last 5 years combined with original works inspired by the movement.