End Notes XVI: Salsa February 26 2018

Born from the mass migration of Puerto Ricans, Colombians, Cubans and Mexicans to New York City between 1930 and 1960, Salsa is a result of a historical and socio-cultural process stretching back hundreds of years. A diverse melting pot of Latin, Caribbean and African rhythms and dances such as the timbao, danzon, plena, rumba and montuno, the result is a passionate combination of energy and movement. Driven by it’s beating heart, percussion, the quintessential sound of salsa is the tightly wound ensemble of cowbell, timbales, guiro and congas just as much as the soaring syncopated horns bringing in the next chorus. Featured artists include The Fania All Stars, Willie Colon, Eddie Palmieri, Joe Cuba, Ray Barreto and Poncho Sanchez. Featuring a once-off 9-piece live band led by internationally acclaimed Uruguyan performer and vocalist, Gonzalo Porta, this will be a special night at the Cellar Door.