Midnight Swim Label Showcase April 19 2017

Midnight Swim is an independent record label, radio show and music consultancy company. Based in Sydney, we have a broad and open outlook, celebrating the richness, diversity and quality of soulful music coming from all corners of the globe. The label showcase is about bringing together artists, friends and family that have released on the label or have forthcoming material in the works to represent our vision in joining the dots of soulful music from across the world, free from the restrictions of being bound by genre, tempo or style. Built on a simple ethos around finding music that moves us, build a community with like-minded people and create/share/exchange, we are so excited to have them down at the Cellar Door.

Spacek (Live)
Peret Mako (Live)
Cardboard Hero’s (Live)
Tom Studdy
Mike Who