The Imagination Degustation April 19 2017

Join us for the Imagination Degustation, a full sensory journey with matching food, wine, music and lights as we explore the impacts a controlled environment could have on our experiences. The food matched to the music, the wine locked to each dish, all in sync with the changing lighting conditions and ambience of the room. A 3 hour journey that will change your idea of dinning forever.


Africola (Food) – An Adelaide based African restaurant, a compact, simple shop with a western soundtrack, African-inspired vegetables, grilled and smoked meats, flatbreads, pickles and natural wine. Blowing up like bubblegum. africola living. They buy gold in their spare time. Want more? They smoke then baste their foods in their own juices, a seasonally adjusting menu that will blow your mind. Don’t worry about going to Adelaide, this is as good as it gets!

Cake Wines (Wines) – Cake Wines Art Series + Young Winemaker Series – 4 wines, 2 from our Art Series and 2 Natural wines from our Young Winemaker Series, matched to the food, lights and music.

Crown Ruler (Music) – Arguably the most influential music curators in Australia right now. From rare releases on the own record label, to creating one of the country’s most credible festivals, Freedom time, to weekly events in Sydney and Melbourne that leave us in awe. Head Honcho Jamie Bennett will lead the charge, curating a 3 hour musical experience matched almost minute by minute to the other sensory elements of the event. From jazz, to straight up soul, house to rare boogie and funk, obscure disco to lost and found library music that will invade your subconscious.

Vivid projectionist (Lights) – Stay tuned as we announce one of the most sought after Vivid projectionists / light artists to create a matched sequence of lighting guiding the ambience of the room. This will be projected on the walls of the perimeter of the Cellar Door, immerse yourself.


There will be 2 sessions, a lunch session and dinner session. 1 ticket grants you access to 1 session. Ticket price includes food, wine, music and lights.