Tornado Wallace: Music for Brunch June 19 2017

Cake Wines + ear to ear present Music for... Brunch with Tornado Wallace + Tobias. We are teaming up with the Cake Wines crew again to explore the context of brunch. How does context change our reaction to the wine we drink? The food we taste? The music we listen to? After a sold out Vivid 2017 event, Cake Wines and Ear to Ear will join arms once again to bring an indulgent brunch session with matching food, music and wine. Cheese, meats, sparkling, chilled Pinot...alongside ear to ear DJs will be one of the best unique producers / DJs in the country right now...Tornado Wallace. Spending the past few years playing in some of Europes most revered venues, living abroad with sporadic trips back to his home town of Melbourne, and recently releasing a distinctly Australi-ana sounding spacial odyssey titled Lonely Planet, its no wonder we chose him for our second installment of Music for Brunch. More likely to find this hair cladded maestro playing in a dark and sweaty nightclub, a brunch setting will be the perfect opportunity for him lay light on the softer and more eclectic peripheries of his diverse taste, an experience that is not to be missed! Start your Sunday right, lets go Ear to Ear.

Ticket covers entry. Food and drink sold separately.