Variety Fair June 19 2017

Whether you're hiding or not hiding a secret or not-so-secret talent, join us and show off your abilities in the fields of music, theatre, poetry, story-telling, magic, circus, show-and-tell, improvised good times, any form of self expression that you deem necessary for a non-judgemental group of audience folk. VARIETY FAIR is super excited to be getting VARIOTOUS once again with those superheroes at WITS for our next soiree celebrating the real life Wonder Women of our city. We'll be passing a hat around on the night to help raise money for WITS and all they do to help ladies in theatre and screen get a fairer go. But mostly, we're just super excited for you to check out and celebrate the creativity of some local women-folk around town. While it'll just be female identifying people performing on the stage, the event is for everyone! So lads and everybody else, please join us in the audience for this one!