Variety Fair March 19 2018

The aim of the game is variety so anything’s welcome. We love diversity, randomness, experimentation, any random ideas you've been sitting on and waiting for the right time to shine. Music, theatre, poetry, story-telling, magic, circus, show-and-tell, dance, improvised good times, any form of self-expression that you deem necessary for a non-judgemental group of audience folk. We now also screen short films, webisodes, short docos and music videos etc. So filmmakers get in touch. And photography too if you have a collection you'd like to project on the wall for the night. We'll provide an acoustic guitar, keyboard, 3 mics, projector and a soundsystem. If you're keen to do something fancy that requires more let us know! Spots are limited and fill up fast. If getting on stage is not your hearts desire - THAT’S A-OK. Come on down to enjoy live performances with a glass of Cake Wine vino and their yummy pizzas.