Wine De Jour November 01 2017

Wine De Jour is a wine festival exploring interesting and often mis-understood varietals of the world. Created by Glen Cassidy (Cake Wines) alongside wine writer and sommelier Samantha Payne, this edition will focus on rosé and skin-contact whites, an area of winemaking undoubtedly enjoying its time in the sun right now. We love the vibrant mix of wines, styles and winemaking ethos that these wines attract so we thought we’d bring them all together under one roof. A celebration of all the colours of the vinous rainbow, the festival is a way of educating people and ‘setting the record’ straight about how these wines are made and why they become the colour they are. There are so many misconceptions about Rosé (eg that the darker the colour equals the sweeter the flavour) and that all ‘orange’ wines must be ‘natural’ or that they will all be bitter/astringent/taste like cider. We think pink, orange and amber wines are the future of food and wine pairings, so what better way to show them off than having a bit of a party with food from some of our local chefs, music from a couple of the cities best selectors, and inviting our wine drinking community to come along and learn about these incredible wines from all across the country. With food by Bart Jr and sounds by BoogieMonster #StrictlyVinyl and Tom Studdy, this will be an afternoon of serious vibes. Tickets selling fast! Winemakers: Vinteloper Swinging Bridge Raidis Estate Captains of Trade/M&J Beckers Yeti and the Kokonut Domaine Simha Alpha Box and Dice Golden Child Wines AJ Wine Merchants Altitude 70 Deliquente + More to be announced!!!