Wine De Jour #2 - Adelaide Hills May 15 2018

Wine De Jour is back! This time, celebrating regional diversity and a ‘sense of place’ zero'ing in on the much talked about, Adelaide Hills. Created by Glen Cassidy (Cake Wines) and Sommelier/Wine Writer Samantha Payne, Wine De Jour is a wine festival exploring wine styles, regions and theories in a fun and engaging way. Held at the Cake Wines Cellar Door in Redfern, for this edition, we are focusing on the Adelaide Hills, the home of Cake Wines’ winemaking heritage, and the diversity of wines that are produced there to understand the concept of terroir (also known as a ‘sense of place’). We couldn't discuss the culture of Adelaide without the inclusion of legendary pizza joint Sunny's to host a pop up in the venue. Renowned for their irreverent and legitimately life-changing discs, we are stoked they are making the trek.