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Head Chef

Owner - Evan Hansimikau

Dish Inspiration

Passed down through generations of an Italian family who migrated to Canada from Florence, this recipe is only passed on to chefs outside of the family who they trust and feel they will maintain the integrity of their dish. My chef worked for this family for a number of years. The chefs would work all day at seeding and chopping up the peppers to be jarred. The shanks are only available when the vegetables necessary for that dish are in season. After working all day the chefs get a home cooked meal of lamb shanks and get to watch how they are prepared by the family. With blessings from the family, this dish is now available on Pink Salts new winter menu.


Pinot Noir 2012 with Lamb Shank Poppadelle

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Tuesday - Sunday
Lunch - Dinner


Double bays true taste of Italian home cooking.

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