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Head Chef

Tristian Hope / William Mathews

Dish Inspiration

It has taken thousands of hours of tasting and testing by friends, family and customers alike, culminating in our version of the prefect pizzeria. So do as the Italian’s do and that’s to eat with love and laughter. Salute!!


Shiraz 2012 with Porkies Pizza - Pepperoni, organic pork and fennel sausage & crisp bacon w/ rosemary, chilli & spinach

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Rose 2014 with Italian crunchy coleslaw salad of ‘pulled’ organic chicken, shaved red cabbage & pea’s  w/ radish, mint, chilli & lemon dressing

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Mad Pizza

Venue Info



We are ‘Mad’ about creating the most unique pizza experience in Australia. Our labour of love started in Sydney, from our belief in a demand for a healthier option, unseen in this country before. So we developed the Super thin & Healthy Pizza base, and topped it with only the finest of ingredients. We then employed the friendliest of staff, and found the coolest of locations, with the funkiest of soundtracks along the way; with this we believe we have one of the most unique, health conscience and authentic pizza experiences in Australia!

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