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  • Pinot Noir 2012

Head Chef

Roger Moullet

Dish Inspiration

Doing what the Sweds do best!


Pinot Noir 2012 with Traditional Wiener schnitzel

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Pinot Gris 2014 with Cheese Fondue (minimum two people) served with bread and apples

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Swiss Club

Venue Info

Mon-Fri (Noon- 3pm)
Tue–Fri (6.00–10.00pm)
03 9650 1196


Swiss Hospitality is legendary. The Swiss Club offers it to you in the Melbourne CBD at 89 Flinders Lane. We always owned a restaurant as part of the club’s amenities and services. The restaurant is the center of our club activities and it provides our members, their guests and visitors a welcoming environment to socialize and enjoy a delicious Swiss meal as they would in Switzerland. The restaurant’s decoration and atmosphere resembles a traditional Swiss “Gaststube” with a casual seating area around the bar and a more formal dining area at the rear of the restaurant.

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