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Head Chef

Damion Brown

Dish Inspiration

Jerk Pork - This dish is made using my families recipe. The pork is marinated for two days then smoked in our custom made smoker. The dish is served with a side of tropical slaw and coco bread to take a little of the heat off.

Cuban sandwich - This sandwich consists of pork that has been marinated with lemon, cumin, olive oil then roasted. The sandwich has also a double smoked ham, swiss cheese and then it is pressed. In the suburbs of little Havana it is a true legend.


Pinot Noir 2012 with Jerk Pork

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Pinot Gris 2014 Adelaide Hills with Cuban Sandwich

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Jonkanoo Canteen

Venue Info

53-55 Liverpool St. Sydney @ Good God Small Club Wed 5 – 11
Thur 5 – 11
Friday 5 – 11
Saturday 6 – 11


Focusing on Caribbean street food and classic West Indian eats, this exciting collaboration brings the incredibly unique tastes of Jamaica, Trinidad, Cuba, Haiti, Bahamas, Dominican Republic and more to the Goodgod Front Bar. Leading Jonkanoo’s menu is our celebrated jerk - marinated for two days, smoked fresh daily, and available in chicken, pork and squid. A unique mix of spices, ingredients (Plantain! Bully Beef! Christophene!) and colours continues throughout the rest of our canteen menu, encompassing uniquely West Indian salads, slaws, sandwiches, curries and more.

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