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Head Chef

Jeff Piper & Yifan xu

Dish Inspiration

Crispy Fish salad - A very textural dish with crisp fried whitebait and fresh herbs. the dressing is very hot and sour so i feel this will be complimented by the pinot gris style I think the wine will be rather refreshing on the palate after eating a mouthful of the salad.

Thai Sausage - Their are any number of sausages produced across Thailand and this is one of my favouites Sai Ouah. A mixture of pork, red curry paste and lemongrass and galangal. to obtain a smokey cooked over coals flavour we lightly cold smoke before cooking.


Pinot Gris 2014 with Crisp fried whitebait and fresh herbs

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Pinot Noir 2013 with Thai sausage

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Venue Info

20 West Row,Melbourne Building, canberra City, ACT 2600
ph 02 62570700


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