Pinot Noir x Duck Breast February 05 2014

Pinot Noir x Duck Breast

In our first edition of Matched, we spoke to the awesome Pop-up Ethical guys from Sydney. On a mission to create collaborative temporary events to educate, entertain and celebrate ethically made products and environments, Pop-up Ethical is a showcase of young minds working together across a multitude of disciplines- using food and drink as the glue.


Marinated duck breast with pineapple lentil pilaf, chargrilled nectarines and prosciutto.

Which Cake Wine have you chosen to match with your dish?

The duck, mint, and nectarines play off each other on the earthy lentil base; the Pinot Noir works in this mix where none of the flavours over power each other. The Pinot Noir is a perfect red for the summer. It’s light, delicate, and well suited to fresh fruity meals with subtle flavours.

Why this dish?

We like creating dishes which mix traditional cooking and ingredients with surprising flavour pairings. This dish mixes French and Balinese flavours. We characteristically use contrasting flavours and ingredients: combining savoury and sweet flavours, humble and extravagant ingredients, and traditional and contemporary cooking techniques. We like to use ethically sourced meat without having it dominate the plate.