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Wine Trends

In conversation: Sarah Burvill, Mike Bennie, Giorgio De Maria

POSTED 19.08.2015


Sarah Burvill
Head Winemaker at Cake Wines

On wine trends...Look out for purpose made drier style Rosés. I don’t just use run off from other ferments, I deliberately source the fruit for the fruit flavours (predominantly Pinot Noir for the strawberry and softness) and cold soak to get colour rather than macerate skins. This gives you a much softer more attractive wine. Again I will stir the lees to add mouthfeel and keep the wines on the drier side in terms of sugar because they are far more interesting and match better with food.


Mike Bennie
Journalist/Wine Writer/Presenter

On wine trends...I see a small shift to greater interest in investigating provenance and processes of wines and winemaking that aligns with consciousness about consumption; you could draw a line to people who shop in farmers markets, eat organic or choose free range or similar produce. The pantry and fridge should match the wine cellar.

Favourite wine, right now…I have no current wine of choice, per se, preferring to react to social situations, food, season and context of drinking as it arises – I like wines that taste fresh, layered with interest of grape and place, and are less encumbered with oak or artificial winemaking influence. ‘Drinkability’ is a key thing.


Giorgio De Maria
Wine Importer at Vini Wine

On wine trends...I think there has been a growing attention to orange wine. The reds of white wines, skin contact, skin maceration whites, which has stimulated many wine growers and makers in Australia to produce using this technique. The good thing about trends are the exposure and information shared, the bad thing about this trend is that it has been associated with funky, unfiltered and oxidized wine.

  • Cake Wines Head Winemaker: Sarah Burvill
  • Journalist/Wine Writer/Presenter: Mike Bennie
  • Wine Importer at Vini Wine: Giorgio De Maria

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