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Holding Grapes:
Dave Mackintosh


POSTED 03.08.2015

Dave Mackintosh is one of those authentic types. He’s easy-going and young-minded but likes things a certain way, and for him, that way is always quality before quantity.

“We tried his wines in a Melbourne restaurant one night and after a quick Google search, we knew straight away he was the guy to work with on our latest Young Wine Maker Series wine,” says Mike Smith from Cake Wines. The Cake Wines Young Wine Maker Series is a premium small-batch release, produced with progressive young winemakers and Dave’s Pinot Noir is the 2013 vintage.

Dave’s approach and notable ‘underdog charm’ lead the team, for the release of the Cake Wines Young Wine Maker Series Pinot Noir, to a lesser-known region just outside the Yarra, a small vineyard called Little Cathedral. The result is a 100% whole bunch, wild yeast, minimal intervention wine with a nose of Campari, strawberry and blood orange and an endearing lightness on the palate. According to Dave, it’s fresh and authentic, just the way an evening with Pinot Noir should be.

Dig a little deeper into the life of Dave Macintosh and you’ll see why the quality of his wine no accident. At the ripe age of 36, Dave’s already got a few esteemed industry notches on his belt. He’s studied at the prestigious Lincoln University in Canterbury, spent six years in the Hawkes Bay wine region and clocked a few good innings at Oyster Bay NZ. But, as much fun as he was having, Dave wanted to be more creative.

“A lot of big wine companies produce great booze but because of the quantity, there’s more focus on the science and that’s not really what I want to spend my time doing.”

It was Dave’s time at Giant Steps where his time with Steve Flamsteed and Phil Sexton shaped him as a professional winemaker, “Those guys taught me to have a go, to try things, to go balls out.”

Now, with two lines of his own, Ar Fion and Salo, as well as a drop with Cake Wines, Dave’s canvas is growing steadily. And from his home in Fitzroy North to his ‘office’ in the Yarra Valley, he relishes sharing his passion with an ever-growing collection of enthusiastic customers. In Dave’s words it’s now “more kindred than ever.”

Forever pushing boundaries, Dave’s search for under-celebrated regions and vines and his new Cake Wines Young Wine Maker Series Pinot Noir is a testament to his forward thinking approach and a new wave of winemaking in Australia.

2013 Young Wine Maker Series: Dave Mackintosh

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