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A Penchant
For Paper


POSTED 03.08.2015

We talk Ken Done, New York and great wine with one of Sydney’s brightest artists.


In September 2014, Ceara Metlikovec was awarded the Cake Wines Archi-bottle Prize, which saw her striking biro sketch star as the label of Cake Wines 2013 McLaren Vale Shiraz.

“When I found out, everything was in slow-motion,’ Ceara recalls. “Honestly, I was bewildered. It’s been months but I’m still on a high, and I now have the most wonderful business card: a beautiful bottle of wine.”

Success is not something that Ceara takes lightly, or for granted. After studying fine arts at the National Art School, she took a job at Ken Done’s gallery and, not feeling quite ready to create her own pieces, completed a teaching degree to share her passion for art and help others realise their own.


Small Spaces, Redfern


That was four years ago. Today, Ceara works out of her own studio, and draws everyday from sunrise to sunset. Inspired by natural life, space and light, her work is celebrates the purity of pen and paper.Inspired by natural life, space and light, her work is a celebration of line and the purity of pen and paper. With pieces on display in Surry Hills’ Small Spaces, Ceara is becoming more assured and excited with her craft. “That thing I wanted to do,” she beams, “It’s happening now.”


Cake Wines 2013 Shiraz: Ceara Metlikovec


“That thing I wanted to do,” she beams, “It’s happening now.”

Grounded in the traditions of Abstract Expressionism, Ceara’s creative process begins with a small sketch, and gives it time to evolve naturally. “If I have a preconceived idea, it won’t go that way. I find allowing it to grow without thinking about the end product makes for the purest art. For example, I’d love my work to evoke the feeling of a rose, without telling you you’re looking at one.”


Vini, Surry Hills


“Vini’s Italian wines are a little softer than most, there’s an elegance to them and there are definitely parallels between the gentle nature of Vini wines and Cake Wines. Cake’s are delicate and subtle; everyone I’ve given my Shiraz to has commented on the quality.”

All things grape aside, Ceara’s ultimate dream would be a solo show in New York. “I think I’d die from happiness. I’ve been to New York three times and every time I go, I don’t want to come home!”

With her work continuing to garner admirers and accolades, there’s no doubt that Ceara has all the talent and discipline she needs to turn this dream into a reality.

2014 Archi-bottle Prize Winner: Ceara Metlikovec

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